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William Leonard Youst



William Leonard Youst

was born January 2nd, 1852 in Teverbaugh,  WV to William Harrison and Sarah Sally (Sandy) Youst.  He was brother to Gilford (Dick) Elehue Youst and married Savilla Jane Coffman on February 4th, 1885.  They had the following children:

Russell Leonard Yost (1886 - 1983)*
William Roscoe Yost (1888 - 1957)*
Rethie May Yost Hoppes (1890 - 1971)*
Winnie Ruby Yost Mishler (1892 - 1996)*
Lillie Anne Yost Clevenger (1895 - 1993)*

William died on 24 May 1919 in Corbin, Kansas and is buried in the Corzine Cemetery.