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Reed Family Group


photo courtesy of Eunice Anne (Reed) Phelan

I am not certain I have these names in the correct order!

Cynthia & Thomas Vinton are the top right

Elizabeth is top left

Bill Reed with wife Margaret next to him in the center

Adeline Howel and husband are the bottom left

Harve Reed with wife Hattie are bottom right



(left-standing) William Reed, Elias Reed

(left sitting) Thomas Reed, Addie Reed, Harve Reed

approx 1870


photo courtesy of the Aley Family website




photo courtesy of Adriana "Rian" (Langerwerf) Farley


Seated, left to right:

Nettie Margaret Reed (wife of L.H. Farley) 1859-1934

William B. Reed (Nettie's father) 1838-1926

Margaret Hamilton Reed (Nettie's mother) 1843-1929

Wanita Farley Cuhel 1920- (dau of Claude & Ardell) 

Standing, left to right:

Fred Farley (son of Lewis and Nettie) 1879-1946

Mabel Bailey Farley (mother of Claude, wife of Fred, dau-in-law of Nettie) 1882-1972

Dale Farley (son of Claude & Ardell)

Ardell Pittman Farley 1900-1955

Claude Farley (son of Fred & Mabel) 1899-1978 

Photo taken in 1923



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