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Eugene Thomas Phelan

(information courtesy of Richard F. Oyler

 from Lenora J. Phelan  and Her Irish Ancestors)

Tom 1866 - 1928





Eugene Thomas Phelan

Eugene was born on January 12th 1866 in Central City, Co to Daniel Francis Phelan and Annie Elizabeth Donahue.  He married Delphia Olive Youst, daughter of Gilford Elehue Youst & Virginia Victoria Cunningham on June 22nd, 1890.

They had the following children:

  Eugene Francis Phelan

  Marcella Belle Phelan
  Daniel Mathew Phelan
  Mabel Genevive Phelan

  Josephine Virginia Phelan
  Claude Ellis Phelan 


Eugene died on January 5th, 1928 and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Flagstaff
Coconino County, Arizona



Deputy Sheriff and Game Warden 1916