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Family Stories


(listings are in alpha/maiden name order)


Short Tales


Dennis Aley 

Ancestors Who Settled NY

Arnold Family History 

Arnold Family Photos

Frank Arnold

Robert Bell Arnold 

Fred Rockwood Barton

Daniel Boone

Martha Crostwate Elliott Blackwell

Nancy Crossthwaite

Cunningham Castle

Savilla Coffman Yost

Edward Cunningham 

'Injun Joe' Cunningham 

Savilla Anne Cunningham Hildreth 

Thomas & Phebe Tucker Cunningham 

Virginia Victoria Cunningham Youst 

Jack Clarence DeRosa

Admiral George Dewey 

Churchill & Dan Dewsnap

Edward Graves Dewsnap

George Dewsnap

Mark Dewsnap

Robert A. Dewsnap 

Robert George Dewsnap (name history)

Stanley Dewsnap

Susannah Dewsnap

Suzi Dewsnap 

    Ancestors of Suzi Dewsnap

    Cathy's Poem

William Robert Dewsnap Jr.

William Roberts Dewsnap Sr.

The Dewsnap's of Pittsburg & St. Louis

William Edward Donlon Jr.

Annie Elizabeth Donohue 

Bridget Donohue

Edward John Donohue 

Annie Taylor Elliott 

Burgess Elliott 

Fiegenbaum Family History  

Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum


Elizabeth Glass

Edward Goff

Ernest Goff

Gilbert Goff Sr. 

Gilbert Goff Jr.

Gilbert (Bert) Goff III

Laura Goff

Eva Susie Graves

Graves Cousins

Alonzo Chapman Graves 

Deacon George Graves

Nellie Arnold Graves 

Nora Griffin

Margaret Ann Hamilton

Irvine/Erinvines/Erwin/Irvin Researcher Notes

Col. William Andrew Irvine

Minerva Irvine 

Dessie Johnson

Lillian Claire Kittle 

Orra Kittle

Otis Kittle

Val Kittle

William Henry Lockridge

Maulsby Family History

Cynthia Ann Maulsby 

John Maulsby

Florence McDougall

George McDougall

May McDougall 

Emily Marsh 

Frederick Miller

John Hunt Morgan

Maria Myrick 

Needles, California

Richard Oyler 

Phelan - Misc Pictures

Phelan - Pioneer History of Greeley Cnty Neb

Phelan Family Chronicles

Phelan Family Reunions

     4th of July 18?? 

     1966 Big Bear

      1974 Golden Wedding Anniversary

     1990 Pueblo Co

      1994 Colorado Springs

     2000 Levenworth Wa

      2010 Hueston Woods, Oh

      2012 Salmon Creek Park, Wa

Camille Florette (Tommie) Phelan

Claude Ellis Phelan Sr.

Claude Ellis Phelan Jr.

Daniel Francis Phelan  

Daniel Mathew Phelan     

Dorothea Page Phelan

Edward Francis Phelan

Sister Emily Anne Phelan

Eugene Francis Phelan  

Eugene Thomas Phelan

Gene Scott Phelan

Grace Phelan

Henriette Phelan

Jack Phelan

James Crysanthus Phelan

James Francis Phelan

John Faustinas Phelan

Lawrence Phelan

Lenora J. Phelan 

Patricia Phelan

Phelan Sisters & Sister-in-Law

Robert Francis Phelan

Ruth Phelan    

Thomas Andrew Phelan

Thomas Cryostum Phelan

Fr. Walter Phelan

William Edward Phelan

Virginia Elizabeth Phelan

Phelan Meat Markets

Lloyd Purcell 

Reed Family of Lake Cnty Indiana

Reed Family Photo

Alpheus Scott Reed

Eunice Anne Reed 

Harvey Milton Reed

James Reed

Robert Reed

Thomas Vinton Reed 

William Burton Reed

Willis Ellsworth Reed

Col. William Rose 

Hans Jacob Rambach

Asemus Rumbaugh

Josephine Rumbaugh

Mary Gertrude Rumbaugh

Matthew Sexaure 

The Levi Shinn Family 

James Canopus Sirrine 

Peter Taylor

Dr. James Leonard Terrell 

Dorothea Lorea Waldrop

Amanda Wheeler

Donald Wheeler

Dorothea Wheeler 

Herbert H. Wheeler  

Hiram Wheeler

Horace C. Wheeler

John L. Wheeler

Daniel Thomas Wight

Lillian Olive 'Babe' Wight 

Anita Wildes

Captain John Wisner

Henry Wisner 

Youst History

Youst of Belfry Montana

Claude Duke Youst

Delphia Olive Youst 

James Albert  "Brig" Youst

Gary Miller-Youst

Gilbert Elehue "Dick" Youst 

Gordon July Youst

John Youst

William Leonard & Saville Coffman Youst



















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