Keeper of the Family

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The Dash

There are two significant dates in each person's life.  Their date of arrival and their date of departure. 

Between those dates lies a lifetime with a full range of experiences and emotions.

With the first date the potential begins, with the last, the reality ends.  In between those important dates is a small dash. 

To a statistician, the dash is merely a separator.  But to you, that dash IS your life!

Tombstone listings on Find A Grave


Alice Clemma Arnold

Charles Edwin Arnold

Desire (Ellis) Arnold

Drussilla (Surrine) Arnold

Frank James Arnold

Henry Dennis Arnold

Lucinda Matilda Arnold

 Mary Elizabeth Arnold

Mary Straight Arnold

Robert Bell Arnold

Cecilia Virginia (Wight) Barton

Fred Rockwood Barton

Frances (Irvine) Blincoe

Edward Cunningham

Phebe Tucker Cunningham

Thomas Cunningham

Dorothea (Wheeler) Kittle - De Rosa

Jack C. De Rosa

Aaron Dewey

Edward Graves Dewsnap 

Mary F Dewsnap

 Mary (Furman) Dewsnap

Robert Arnold Dewsnap

Ruth Genevieve (Phelan) Dewsnap

Stanley Dewsnap

Susannah Dewsnap

Ulga Dewsnap

Walter Dewsnap

William Dewsnap

Bridget (Connell) Donahue

Owen Donahue

Terry Lillian (Kittle) Donlon

William Edward Donlon

Dawson Burgess Elliott

Martha (Crosswhite) Elliott

Permelia (Parrish) Elliott

Sanford Elliott

Augustus Ellis

May Eleanor (Phelan) Farmer

Adolph Fiegenbaum

Christine (Peterjohann) Fiegenbaum

Friedrich Wilhelm Fiegenbaum

Louisa (Otto) Fiegenbaum

Ethel (Dewsnap) Furman

Emily Adelaide (Marsh) Goff

Gilbert Brian Goff, Sr

Gilbert B. Goff

Stewart Abner Goff

Alonzo  Graves

Edward Graves

Emma Drusilla (Arnold) Graves

Susan (Rose) Graves

Savilla (Cunningham) Hildreth

Nellie (Arnold) Graves-Dewsnap-Heller

Arthur Houston Irvine

Arthur Marion Irvine

Belle H. Irvine

Thomas J. Irvine

Anna Taylor (Elliott) Irvine

William Andrew Irvine

William Elliott  Irvine

Zerelda S. (Jackson) Irvine

Dessie M. Johnson

Salma Rufus Johnson

Valmont Kittle

Patricia (Phelan) LaChapelle

Murnie LaVerne (Terrell) Lamb

Eunice Taylor (Irvine) Long Lansdon

Hanna (Hansen) Larson

Abigail (Myrick) Libby-Newcomb

Grace E. (Phelan) Lockridge

William Henry Lockridge



Logan B. Long

Wade Thomas Long

Mary Gertrude (Rumbaugh) Mason

Elizabeth (Grisam) Maulsby

Isabele (Carr) Maulsby

Mary Maulsby

Florence LaRue McDougall

George Lafayett McDougall

Newell Wendell McDougall

Rosanna Magdalena (Sexauer) McDougall

Russell Lowell McDougall

Josephine Adell (Rambaugh) McGinnis

Jean (Cravey)  Nagiller

Katherine 'Kitty' (Irvine) Nelson

Roy 'Ollie" Nelson

Alice Lenore (Boyle) Oyler

Lenora Jeanette (Phelan) Oyler

Richard Faustinas Oyler

 Sherman Grant Oyler

Annie Elizabeth (Donohoe) Phelan

Claude Ellis Phelan, Jr

Claude Ellis Phelan, Sr

Daniel Francis Phelan

Daniel Mathew Phelan

Delphia Olive (Youst) Phelan

Eugene Scott Phelan

Eugene Francis Phelan

Eugene Thomas Phelan

Eunice (Reed) Phelan

Faustinas Phelan

Frances Violet Beatrice (Thyden) Phelan

Hazel Phelan

Honora (Hurley) Phelan

James Phelan

James Crysanthus Phelan

James John Phelan

 John Faustinas Phelan

John Francis Phelan

John Joseph "Jack" Phelan

Josephine A. (Millington) Phelan

Katherine (Fogarty) Phelan

Laurence Phelan

Mabel Genevive Phelan

Marion (Spaulding) Phelan

Minnie Frances Phelan

Myrtle C. (Dickinson) Phelan

Nora (Griffin) Phelan

Robert Francis Phelan

Roy Phelan 

Sarah Esther (Harris) Phelan

Thomas Andrew Phelan

Thomas Cryostum Phelan

Thomas Francis Phelan

William Edward Phelan

Willow M. (Johnson) Phelan

Sarah Wisner Phillips

Alpheus Scott Reed

Cynthia (Maulsby) Reed

Grace Reed

Maria (Myrick) Reed

Mary Emma (Irvine) Reed

Thomas Reed

Thomas C. Reed

Thomas Vinton Reed

William Burton Reed

Willis Ellsworth Reed






Susannah (Dinsmore) Rose

William Rose

Asemus Rumbaugh

William Rumbaugh

Alice Sexauer

Cora Sexauer

Fred J. Sexauer

George Jacob Sexauer

Hallett Sexauer

Harvey Robert Sexauer

Matthew Sexauer

Myrtle L. Sexauer

N. Pearl Sexauer

Wilhemine Christine Elizabeth (Fiegenbaum) Sexauer

Elizabeth Smith Shinn

Levi S. Shinn

James Canopus Sirrine

Mattie (Irvine) Stack

Robert Stack

Robert Shelby Stack

Lucy Ann (Wood) Rumbaugh Sutton Stewart

John Mason Surrine

Elizabeth (Ross) Surrine

Dr. Cogsdale Terrell

Frank Leonard Terrell

James Leonard Terrell Sr.

James Leonard Terrell Jr.

Maria Terrell

Melissa (Atwood) Terrell

Nancy Burgoyne (Stack) Thigpen

Elijah Tryon

Vera Lucille (Jennings) VanHouten

Charlotte Wheeler

Clara Dorothea (Larson) Wheeler

Donald Wheeler

Herbert Hiram "Herbie" Wheeler

John L Wheeler

Louise A. Wheeler

Merritt N Wheeler

Sheldon Wheeler

Lillian Olive "Babe" Wight

May (McDougall) Wilson

Henry Wisner

Henry Wisner Jr. Maj

Polydore Barnett Wisner

Sarah (Barnett) Wisner

Minnie (Rumbaugh) Wolfe

Claudius Duke Youst

Etta (Copeland) Youst

George Battell Youst

Gilford Elehue "Dick" Youst

Gordon July Youst

Helen (Wanderaas) Youst

James Albert Youst

John Jr. Youst

Mary (Kelsey) Youst

Sarah Sally (Sandy) Youst

Savilla (Coffman) Yost

Susannah (Dawson) Youst

Virgina Victoria (Cunningham) Youst

William Harrison Youst

William Leonard Yost

Maria Nieves (Rodriques) Zozaya

Sam Zozaya